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Still looking for a real job, but now at least I have something temporary lined up starting the 22nd. It's with a uniform store, they sell mainly scrubs but they need additional part time for the summer rush of school uniforms. Fun! Excitement! Adventure!

I'm still hoping that the interview I had at the veterinary clinic for a receptionist position pans out. But it seems that they had a lot of interviews with people more qualified than I am. I've only worked briefly in an office setting and I was a records specialist not a receptionist.

I can stop stressing out quite so badly now. I was beginning to worry that I'd have to move back in with the parents. I don't know what my boyfriend would have done if I had, he's depending on me for half of his rent starting in July, when his current roommate moves away. He couldn't get a place anywhere on his own.

So that's that!


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