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My boyfriend is a very self-centered man, without realizing it.

Had the first full day of my new job today, came home and was very tense. Asked him what he wanted for dinner and he suggested KFC, but on further prodding he said he didn't especially care what we had. I told him I'd prefer not to get fast-food because I can't afford it. After being jobless for two months I can barely afford next month's rent. He didn't say anything and when we left I assumed we were going to the grocery for food that I can buy with my food stamps. Instead we went to walmart (we don't have a super walmart) so he could buy marshmallows and I could get catfood (although he forgot I even needed to get that). After that I asked him, "so now where are we going?" hoping the answer would be either "home" or "publix". What I got was, "KFC!" :\

He blew up at me when I said that I'd just eat something at home, but he could go ahead and get what he wanted. Add that to a long, stressful day and I burst into tears in the car, sobbing about money and rent and cats and jobs.

Sure he turned around to go to publix. But then he made me cook while he showered. Haha. This is going to get old quick unless he finds a job, too.

Date: 2009-06-24 06:37 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] tcdohl
Maybe he should work for KFC. Crap pay and all the fried chicken you can eat! That'll get old quick, though. (It is over here.)

Sorry to hear all this, though.


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