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So, wow, 2010, what good were you?

What Happened to Me in 2010, a short list.

  • Things went pretty smoothly. Can't remember anything particularly good or bad here.

  • Got laid off from work.

  • Terrible case of bedbugs rampant throughout apartment building, but since we're moving in the end of July they decide not to treat out unit, because that involves packing all of our stuff and moving it somewhere else for two weeks anyway.
  • Subsequently I spent roughly 8 weeks being devoured by beg bugs.
  • I am apparently ALLERGIC to bedbugs, because I had a much more extreme reaction to the devouring and was covered in excruciatingly itchy, red welts that left bruises for weeks after I moved out of the apartment.
  • Still bedbugs.
  • Boyfriend nearly dies on the highway trying to drive to Alabama, where we are moving, after three of his tires blow out, but is ultimately uninjured.
  • I nearly kill myself trying to pack all of our stuff, by myself, in a week. 
  • Which turned into four days because one of my friends who was going to help me move could only help on that specific day. 
  • And then he canceled anyway.

  • Boyfriend graduates from college.
  • We move to Alabama and begin living with Boyfriend's father and step-mother. 
  • Continuing in the fashion of "you should have known better", I paid for all of the moving expenses.
  • I find a job not pertaining to my degree right away.

  • I expected to have our own place by now, but no move has been made because Boyfriend hasn't found a job yet.  And has not had a job "because of course loads" since sometime in 2009, so has nothing saved.
  • I get another job not pertaining to my degree to compensate.

  • Passes in a haze of working two almost full time jobs with no days off except maybe every other week.
  • All of the cleaning chores Boyfriend's parents assign get passed to me and I get blamed by everyone when they don't happen.
  • Fights about the future with Boyfriend go here.
  • I become Pregnant.

  • Fights develop into him yelling at me and be sobbing helplessly because, you know, I didn't do it by myself.
  • Still working two jobs.
  • Break up with Boyfriend sometime before Thanksgiving.
  • Wait to tell everyone until after Thanksgiving.
  • I lose the pregnancy sometime in the middle.  No one but Ex-Boyfriend ever knew about it, so it doesn't matter anyway.  Right?

  • Move back to Florida and back in with my parents.
  • Chafe because even though I'm 25 and have been completely on my own for 4 years, I am still their "baby."
  • Love and appreciate them anyway.
  • Got a job not pertaining to my degree fairly quickly!
  • Pass New Years alone for the first time in 5 years.  Become overwhelmed by self-pity even though things are going relatively okay.


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