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Job hunting is in no way a fun or entertaining venture. It's been about four weeks since I was fired, and I live in Florida, which is on the top 10 list of unemployable states, yay!

So I've had a lot of time on my hands! I've been considering getting back into writing, trying to finish my novel, etc, the usual. Mostly I've been replaying Vagrant Story. There is so much of that game that requires a replay, I never knew. I pieced together most of what was going on when I sat down with the plot after I first beat it, god, 10 years ago. It's been one of my favorite games ever since. But even then you don't think about the seemingly insignificant details that mean so much.

My boyfriend says he tried to play the game years and years ago but he couldn't get into it because it's what he calls a dance sim. His other reason is that Ashley is alone the whole game. But? His favorite game is Parasite Eve which, correct me if I'm wrong, is even more stark and lonely than Vagrant Story. At least Ashley runs into Sydney every five minutes. :p
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