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I have been replaying the Suikoden games recently and want to write some Suikoden ficlets. If anyone sees this, give me a prompt! Gen, Het, Slash, Femmeslash... It's all good! I like pretty much all of the characters. I have a fondness for pairings derived from deep canon friendships like Riou and Jowy (and Nanami or any combination therein), Rahal and Rooj, Miklotov and Camus, etc. I also adore canon romances like Sierra and Nash, Jowy and Jilia, and Prince and Lyon. But don't feel like you have to stick with those. Challenge me! :)

I should know that I am not at all comfortable with Suikoden 4 or Tactics canon. I've never played either myself (the random battle frequency was my doom, I get bored and the plot of that one didn't make up for it), but I have WATCHED them played and I love everything about Ted, so he's a safe character, but most of the other non-essential characters I only have a vague recollection of.

Tierkreis prompts are also more than welcome.

Hopefully this will be awesome!
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So I just got Richard in my Suikoden 5 replay. And he's never leaving my party again. That poor guy, he would have totally won the Sacred Games if he hadn't been drugged in the first round. I had forgot that little detail about why he was in the Waterfall Basin to begin with.

It's just, not only is Richard hands down the most powerful melee character (I won't say "the most powerful character" because Zerase exists and, well...) but you get him at level 44. Belcoot comes to you at level 36, and he was winning the Games with no struggle. With so many bad-ass competitors, it's no wonder Gizel had to resort to drugging them. (Especially since Childerich probably the lamest character in the game. Him beat Richard or Belcoot? Pfft.)

It's funny, though. Richard is definitely the strongest melee character in the game and I would say he'd probably beat out everyone in the other games, too (I can't really think of a stronger fighter right now. Maybe Valeria or Viktor?) But he doesn't realize it! He's so clueless, he's never really been trained. I think Mueller just sort of looks at Richard in a sort of paternal despair and sends him off to keep his silly little head occupied until he's needed whenever Richard asks him for training.

What would Lym's marriage to Richard have looked like? XD I imagine they would have been delightfully clueless with each other. Richard probably would have run out of their marriage night (assuming they waited for marriage until Lymsleia was old enough to consummate) saying something along the lines of "AHHH, girlparts! Mueller what do I do??"
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• Georg Prime ('nough said? I think so. Although I am in the habit of yelling at the voice actors when they call him George. My brain insists that that name is pronounced Gey-org because of the German spelling.)
• Ferid knowing exactly what was going to go down and using Georg's man crush on him indiscriminately. Also, his eyebrows are pretty sexy, I dunno.
• Prince Freyjadour is probably tied with Riou for my favorite tenkai. He and Riou both are the most expressive tenkai stars. Not including Tierkreis, of course, though I would hazard to say this includes Thomas because, despite being a tenkai who talks, Thomas really only had one personality mode. Riou and Prince visibly run the gambit. Also, there's something hot about a bad ass fighter also being a bad ass healer.
• Lelei
• "Hey, Sialeeds, you're taking a really long time to become a star, aren't you? Hey, Sialeeds, is it time for you to become a star now? H-hey. Sialeeds? Why are you..? Oh. :<"
• Despite everything and while still remaining a villain, I totally felt a lot of sympathy for Gizel by the end of the game.

Also, if Suikoden 6 ever happens, I want it to be set in the New Armes Kingdom. It seems like there's potential there.

(Can you tell what game I'm replaying now? The boyfriend has stolen the computer I've been using to play Vagrant Story on, so I'm left with the real consoles.)


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