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• Georg Prime ('nough said? I think so. Although I am in the habit of yelling at the voice actors when they call him George. My brain insists that that name is pronounced Gey-org because of the German spelling.)
• Ferid knowing exactly what was going to go down and using Georg's man crush on him indiscriminately. Also, his eyebrows are pretty sexy, I dunno.
• Prince Freyjadour is probably tied with Riou for my favorite tenkai. He and Riou both are the most expressive tenkai stars. Not including Tierkreis, of course, though I would hazard to say this includes Thomas because, despite being a tenkai who talks, Thomas really only had one personality mode. Riou and Prince visibly run the gambit. Also, there's something hot about a bad ass fighter also being a bad ass healer.
• Lelei
• "Hey, Sialeeds, you're taking a really long time to become a star, aren't you? Hey, Sialeeds, is it time for you to become a star now? H-hey. Sialeeds? Why are you..? Oh. :<"
• Despite everything and while still remaining a villain, I totally felt a lot of sympathy for Gizel by the end of the game.

Also, if Suikoden 6 ever happens, I want it to be set in the New Armes Kingdom. It seems like there's potential there.

(Can you tell what game I'm replaying now? The boyfriend has stolen the computer I've been using to play Vagrant Story on, so I'm left with the real consoles.)


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